Monday, February 27, 2012

First day of Open University

Well yup, got so much uni done today. Decided to use the morning without Ashton to
fold my ever growing washing pile, and mop my floors before using the afternoon to do school work...
Did the washing, did the floors, did a few other odd jobs. Sat down to log in at 12ish and guess what, log in doesn't work.
Emailed them, laid on the couch, woke up 2.5 hours later.
Now I gotta wake Elijah to get the kids from school, come back and ring the uni and then go pick up Ashton.
Oh well, was a nice little nap even if I have a headache now lol

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buy Nothing New Month... right?

So this month I pledged to buy nothing new... for more information on what this is about, go here :)

Anyways, not even 2 weeks into the month and I blew it!

I blame Kmart.

It's their fault, not mine. THEY are the one who put the clearance rack in the store so as soon as you walk in... BAM!...

You know who else I blame... Chase. For growing so darn quick!

So can I defend myself by saying I actually spent a whole day op shopping last week looking for pants for my little sprout? And that I found nothing under $8 a pair... for second hand clothes...

So what did I buy...

3 pairs of size 8 black school pants, 1 pair of black school shorts, a 3 pack of blue school tops and a pair of PJ's for each of the boys... total cost... $30. Bargain? Hell yes! $3 each, no complaints here.

So I apologise for not sticking to my pledge. I feel a little guilty. But at the end of the day, he needed them and if I waited a month I would have spent over $100 on the same things.

You know what I did do though, I recycled some shoes! Ashton had a hole in the toe of his sneakers and I searched the shed and found a pair of Jaidan's old shoes from a year or so ago. Like new and fit perfectly :) So I have done something good this month :)

Well here are a couple of photos. None of Ashton because he wiped all my photos off the HDD when he knocked it off the couch lol

Jaidan looking too cool for school at Greens Beach

Elijah enjoying a ride in his new Beetlebums carrier.

My little big sprout, Chase, at Greens Beach.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terrible 3's

So we've made it through the 2's! I tell you what, the 3's are MUCH worse... I suspect my following posts will have a lot to do with how terrible my 3 year old is, and how wonderful my 16 month old is.

In fact, this quote sums it all up...

"Maximum Cuteness officially starts at 16 months and lasts until they are 3 and become assholes." - Parenting. Illustrated with crappy pictures.

So this was me this morning...

La la la now you're just somebody that I used to know la la la - Dressing Elijah...

Chase comes in holding up a tub of yogo. The LAST tub of yogo. Why does that matter? I hear you wondering... well Ashton already ate 9 of the other 11 tubs yesterday.

Yesterday I yelled, because the week before he ate 10 of the tubs of yogo, and the week before that, 5 in one go. The week befo.... get my drift?

So today I'll try a different tactic. I take the yogo and sit on the floor. Take the spoon and eat a spoonful with all the sound effects... mmmm, yummmm, deliiiiicious!

Ashton starts to cry.

"Chase, Elijah, Jaidan, come here please!" I yell.

6 feet come thumping into the kitchen, they all stare at Ash then back to me.

I hold up the yogo. "Who wants some?" I ask. This is followed by a chorus of ME ME ME with Eli saying "more!". Ashton comes over. I tell him no, he's not allowed any more because he ate all the custard yesterday and didn't share with the other boys.

So here I am, handing out spoonfuls of chocolate custard to 3 small children while 1 stands there staring at me.

I wonder if he'll stop now?

He's 3, and he's turned into an asshole... I hate the Terrible 3's!

I love Ashton, really I do :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Been A While

Exciting news...

Eli cut 4 more teeth, turned 1, and started taking steps.
Chase lost his first tooth, then his second one a couple of weeks later.
Jaidan has his first wobbly tooth!!

Photos, because I haven't had time to blog, so I will let them tell the story :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Internal Battle

Picture this. A woman, could be you, me, a sister, a friend, a stranger, your mother or daughter, it doesn't really matter who it is, because it's a lot of people. She's sitting isolated. For the point of this story, we'll say at a beach. It's a cold, windy, gloomy day. The sky is grey, her hair is blowing around her face as she looks to the sky and notices the black clouds rolling in. The wind is howling. She's in shorts and a tee. Around her is a sandcastle, it completely surrounds her and shades her from the harsh wind. She's smiling at her castle, proud of what she's accomplished in what appears to be horrible conditions. A castle, her own little castle. This makes her happy, everything else about this picture is sad, dark, gloomy, devastating... this castle is the only thing keeping this lady happy and protected.
The rain begins to fall, and her sandcastle begins to wash away. She's desperately trying to shovel the sand back, build up her lovely castle, her protective wall that had previously surrounded her. With the rain beating down on her, and the wind blowing from all directions, the castle just keeps on falling away. Her smile fades as this becomes a hopeless task. One that she's clearly lost. Her castle is gone, her happiness has faded. Tears roll down her face...

That lady, was me. For the last 10 months, I have been struggling. Struggling to hold it all together, much like holding the sandcastle walls up, and for 10 months I did well. I think I did well. The internal turmoil was manageable on a good day, on a bad day I would question everything I was doing, everything I wasn't doing, everything I should be doing. On a bad day I would be on constant edge. Wondering if something horrible would happen in the blink of an eye. On a bad day I would wonder what was next, what would this fucked up life throw at me? Would I manage, would the kids manage, would we survive this. What would 'this' be exactly? Who knows. One thing I do know is that on a good day, nothing I worried about on a bad day made a lot of sense.

By 8 months, walls were washing away slowly, and it became harder to smile, to laugh, and to enjoy. By 8 months I would have burst of anger, of upset, of regret. It all started to unravel before my eyes and I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was feeling this way.

At 9 months, I was struggling a lot. Everything was a massive task (still is most days). Everything from getting up in the morning, to housework, cooking, even things I used to enjoy like playing with the kids was an effort. I slowly began to withdraw myself from activities... a playgroup here, a playdate there. Slowly until now.

10 months. I don't do much out of the home. My list of housework is a mile long, even longer is my list of 'things to do with the kids' which I haven't ticked anything off in a while. I love my boys, I know I do, but loving them has become an effort. It takes up energy, it drains me. Drains me emotionally as well as physically. One day I snap, I smack my child, not once but 3 times. Did he deserve it? No. No child deserves to be hit out of anger. I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't angry. I overstepped the line of control... I lost it. That day I also broke my child. I broke his heart and his trust. When I dropped him at school, I couldn't even walk him in, I was a mess. When I kissed him goodbye he looked so sad and I asked "What is wrong?" and he just cried. This broke me. Tears were wiped, apologies were exchanged, and I drove my stupid sorry ass to the doctor for an emergency appointment.

That 35 minutes was the longest wait of my life. While I sat there, fighting back tears (wiping a few strays) I messaged my support group, the ladies who I can confide in no matter what. I told them what I had done, I told them how desperate I felt at that moment. I believe my comment was "I need serious help... or someone to take my kids away" ... at that moment my life, my beautiful life full of love, support, laughter and 4 beautiful boys, seemed completely helpless. At that moment, my boys were better off with anyone but me.

That doctor diagnosed me with Post Natal Depression. My brain is sick.

In a weird way, it was a relief, there I was bawling my eyes out (I think I used half her box of tissues) but feeling relief. I might not be 'normal' but I had a reason! I suddenly didn't feel stupid. Even though I didn't feel stupid I still sat there blubbering "it's so stupid, I cope fine, it's just stupid, I don't get it" ... Her support that day stowed me there was hope. Even if it was just a little glimmer. Suddenly it wasn't so horrible and hopeless. I think the biggest thing for me was that it was OK not to cope, it was ok to not be wonder woman, to not manage. Once I had told someone how I was feeling, I felt a little better. I feel this way today, just a little better because no, I am not coping but that's ok. I don't HAVE to cope all the time.

Through this whole struggle, I've pushed people away, I've over reacted about a lot of things. My true friends have stuck by me, I've made some wonderful new ones. They are the ones who matter.

If there is one thing anyone can take from this it's this. Next time you ask someone how they are doing, pay attention, be interested in how they really are, offer help but don't just say "If you need anything, let me know", say "how about I come over on ____ and help with ____". Offer a service, not a statement. Coming from someone who finds it difficult to ask for help, it was the people who said "I will grab the kids from school for you tonight" and "I will pick the kids up in the morning for you" and "I am going to the shop, can I get something for you" that really helped. It was these small gestures that really helped me get through the first 10 months of this struggle, and for that I am truly grateful. And if you are me, it's ok. The day I admitted I wasn't ok was hard, I was ashamed. Scared. Felt stupid. Felt ungrateful for what I have. I felt like I was wasting the doctors time. But there is help. I am almost 2 weeks into that 'help' and there are people who care. I am now on medication and seeing the doctor, my MCHN, a counsellor and also a centre aimed at helping people get past this bump (hole) in the road.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Chase!

Today we celebrated my middle boy, Chase, turning 6! He actually turns 6 tomorrow but I wanted him to celebrate it with his daddy too so we had it a day early :)

He got lots of wonderful presents, and had some of his delicious cake which his daddy made him the night before.

Tonight we are having his favourite dinner, home made chicken nuggets and chips :) If you haven't made chicken nuggets before you have to try it. Slice the chicken breast or tenderloins into nugget size pieces, dip in egg, and coat in a mix of breadcrumbs/lemon zest/parsley flakes and put in a hot pan with a teeny bit of oil. I salt and pepper while it's in the pan as I'm not a fan of adding salt into the breadcrumb mix. The kids love these nuggets and they are much healthier and slightly cheaper. I make enough for the 5 of us for about $10, and they are almost 100% chicken, not 50% like the shop bought ones.

On a funnier note, we were standing in the isle at Coles and Jaidan piped up "I feel sick mum, I think I have gastro"... suddenly the isle was empty. Kids say the funniest things.

*And nope, no gastro. It's called eating too much junk food*

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Love This Boy

His favourite food is sushi from Bento

He can now pull up and walk around things

He only has 2 little teethies, which he shows off with his gorgeous smile

He's very content, always up for a cuddle and a smile/giggle

10 months old tomorrow. Amazing how fast time flies.